Is a Business Degree Worth it in 2017?

No…and here is why a business degree is not worth much today..

Choosing what you want to do the rest of your life is a huge decision, obviously. One of the most common bachelor degrees today is a business degree, or BSBA. You learn a little bit about every aspect in business; from marketing to accounting and finance. The problem is, there are many people that have a business degree. Upon graduation, you won’t stand out much, if at all to job recruiters.

It hasn’t always been a useless degree…

I would say before 2000, a bachelor’s in business administration was worth the money. Today, due to the recession and college availability (online, distance, etc) it is a very common degree. If you are obtaining a BSBA, I would highly suggest getting your MBA. Getting a master’s degree is very expensive, but it will definitely put you ahead of other job seekers.

What business degree do I recommend…

I recommend obtaining a business degree with a concentration in accounting. In accounting, the jobs you are qualified for right out of college is much greater. An accounting degree will possibly take another semester and be a lot harder for some, but the unemployment rate is substantially lower for the degree holders.

Still committed to obtaining a business degree in 2017?

If you have your heart set on a business degree, don’t worry too much. Although these degrees are very common, a 4.0 gpa will really set you apart from the crowd. Also, be willing to take any and every internship opportunity you see. Remember, you must be better than your piers in the business degree program to land the high paying jobs right out of college! I would highly suggest getting a minor in either accounting or finance. This might add another semester to your degree plan, but it will be very helpful in your career and getting the attention of job recruiters.

In addtion to the above, getting in a top business college doesn’t hurt either. I’m sure the unemployment rate of MBA grads from Harvard is extremely low!

At the end of the day, I would not recommend a plain business administration degree to a college student. If you have chosen this path, be sure to make the best grades and meet the people that can get you hired! Good luck.

If you are interested in a financed degree, see my opinion on that degree here.


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