Is an Accounting Degree Worth it?

YES!…And here is why.

Society tells us that the most boring career path you can choose is accounting. This may be steering you away from choosing accounting as your major in college, but it shouldn’t. If you are organized, like businesses/crunching numbers, and do not mind sitting behind a desk all day, an accounting degree is for you.

Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting have one of the lowest unemployment rates of  a four year college degree. This is because it takes a special type of person to be a successful in accounting and the skill you acquire over the 4 year degree plan are critical in many industries. As with all business degrees, you have to not only be smart, but hard working. Be prepared to work more than 40 hours per week, and be stressed at least Monday-Friday as an accountant.

is an accounting degree worth it 2016

Upon obtaining your BSBA in Accounting, you will more than likely begin your career at a large CPA firm or company, making around $50K/year. This 9-5 job will not be glamorous, nor fun, but you will learn the basics of the industry. I know many people with accounting degrees that work for various companies (Chevron, government contractors, etc.) and they make around $100K per year, after they “put in their time” with the company. Accounting can be a very lucrative field, but maybe not right out of college.

Is getting a CPA designation worth it?

If you choose to pursue a CPA designation, your earnings will almost immediately double. A CPA designation is like a steroid shot to a 4 year accounting degree. As a certified public accountant, you may choose to be a self employed auditor or tax accountant, or be able to work almost anywhere in the field of finance. CPA’s are very respected in business. The exams to acquire the credentials are very tough, and require hundreds of hours of study time. The work will pay off, because an average CPA makes well over $120K/year.

In conclusion, a 4 year accounting degree is definitely worth it if you are willing to put forth the effort. Obviously, a CPA designation will only help you earn more money, and open more doors in the industry. I would highly recommend obtaining a minor in the field of finance. This will increase the amount of jobs you are qualified to do out of school, and is not that hard. Just take your accounting degree one step at a time an make all A’s!

I found this really good video that interviews an accountant. Check it out.

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