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what jobs can you get with a finance degree

Jobs you can get as a finance major

So you have just graduated a 4-year university and have obtained a Bachelor’s in Finance. Now what? You have spent four years learning about what you need to know if you want to work in finance after graduation, but you have have no idea of where to actually work. You may have search the online job boards and nothing has really caught your eye. So, what jobs are you able to get with a degree in finance? Here are some great career paths you can take if you have recently acquired a bachelor’s of finance degree.

  1. Banker. This is the top of the list because it is the most common job offered to graduates of finance. Within banking, there are many roles you may take. The most ┬ácommon job you qualify for with a finance degree is a credit analyst. A credit analyst approves youngest-investment-bankerconsumer and commercial loans. This is a very important job. Most of your time will be spent seeing if individuals and businesses can “cash flow” their debt. A credit analyst also dives into different types of businesses to see if the risk is worth the bank taking on. This position is an entry-level job, but it can lead to bigger and more important positions within the bank. Starting salary is about $50K.
  2. Financial Analysts. All businesses have financial analysts if theyanalyst are large. Financial analysts offer advise to other departments of the company on what the most economical way to perform a task is. They are also responsible for determining a budget. A job as a financial analyst is all about the numbers. Be prepared to spend your days behind a computer. Starting salary is about $55K
  3. Financial Adviser. Financial Advisers help clients come up with a financial plan. These plans can include insurance, investments, and trust funds. You have to be a big people person to be a successful 13-things-financial-advisor-03-slfinancial adviser. Most of these positions are commissioned based, so earning potential is unlimited. You are required to obtain a few licenses before being a true financial adviser, but with a degree in finance, you should be well prepared.

Whatever field you feel is best for you, try your hardest. Everyone starts out somewhere. The economy is still slow, so do not be afraid to take a job you think you are over-qualified to do. Best of luck to you!

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