Why being a bank teller is a bad job.

A bank teller position is the entry level position in a consumer bank. They are responsible for accurate transactions and giving the customer a good overall experience in the bank. Tellers have a lot of responsibility on their hands. They are the only ones in a bank branch that actually handles the money. Although they have a ton of responsibility, they are always the lowest paid employee at the bank.

That is why being a bank teller is a bad job. You are held to a very high standard, but are not paid accordingly. Although I have never been a teller (thank God) I have worked at a consumer bank. Tellers were constantly being fired for small mistakes, when in reality, what can you expect with only paying $10/hour?? If tellers do not pay attention to what their doing, they can easily cost the bank thousands by cashing a bad check or similar transaction.

Also, at the bank I worked at, tellers were not allowed to ever get a minute of overtime. If they had to come in to work 30 minutes early for a meeting, they had to stay at lunch 30 extra minutes. It was embarrassing to say the least.

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